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Visas for LifeVISAS FOR LIFE, by Yukiko Sugihara. English translation by Hiroki Sugihara and Anne Hoshiko Akabori.

Paper, 167 pages, 1993-95. $22.00 including shipping and handling. (Add extra $10.00 (per book) for overseas shipment.)

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Read the first English translated memoirs by his widow, Yukiko Sugihara. Learn about the significant roles that Chiune played before, during, and after World War Two. Read about the historical forces and events that occurred during this chapter of our history and how Chiune's decisions made a difference. Hiroki and Anne

Learn more about this extraordinarily unique and humanitarian diplomat who made the decision to go against the orders of his Japanese government, putting his life and that of his family at risk, in order to save the lives of thousands of Jewish refugees by helping them escape capture by the Nazis.

Discover how this heroic, charismatic, and talented man continually chose to make decisions in his life by listening to his higher-level consciousness and recognizing his love for his fellow man, rather than to allow himself to be swayed by other individuals and outside forces.

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