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Puppe's StoryPUPPE'S STORY, told by Hiroki Sugihara and written by Anne Hoshiko Akabori. Illustrations by Andrea Fong.

Paper, 32 pages, 1998. $18.00 including shipping and handling. (Add extra $10.00 (per book) for overseas shipment.)

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Puppe's Story is a five-year-old's true-to-life account of life in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1940. It begins with an idyllic description of daily life in this small city and culminates in the dramatic and historic decision by Puppe's father, Chiune Sugihara, to risk his life and career in order to help desperate Jewish refugees to escape the terrors of the Holocaust.

Puppe is Hiroki Sugihara, oldest son of Consul Sugihara. This is his very touching and personal perspective of a remarkable story. It gives readers a personal glimpse of Chiune Sugihara -- diplomat visionary and grat humanitarian -- as a caring and loving parent.

This story tells of the intrinsic values taught to a five-year-old child by a father who showed the world that individuals who are compelled to follow their conscience can make a great difference. Young readers can share with Puppe his recollection and pride in his father's decision to help those in need.

Author Anne Akabori attended California State University, San Jose, where she majored in library science and education. She received her teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento. A friend of Hiroki Sugihara, Anne is well-acquainted with the Sugiharas' family story. Together, they translated his mother's memoir Visas for Life into English. Visas for Life has received wide interest. Puppe's Story, a memoir of a five-year-old Hiroki, was written to introduce children to the courage of the Sugihara family.

Andrea Fong is also the illustrator of Made in China and resides in San Francisco.

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