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THE GIFT OF LIFE, by Anne Akabori.

Paper, 137 pages, 2005. ISBN 0-9649674-9-9. $20 including s/h.

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We are pleased to announce the publication of this new book by Anne Akabori. It is the first definitive biographical account of the life and times of Chiune Sugihara and some of the survivors who received his visas.

Chapters are devoted to Sugihara's beginnings, education, diplomatic service, eastern European odyssey, and adversity and redemption. The book includes stories of selected Sugihara survivors, and an appendix brings readers up to date on the lives of these survivors.

This book reveals the principles that governed Sugihara's life, which prompted him to shoulder an awesome and dangerous responsibility because "It was the right thing to do." No man better deserves the tribute, "He made a difference."
Jerry Enomoto, Retired, US Marshal; former Director of CA Dept of Corrections; former President of National Japanese American Citizens League (2 terms)

It is a very vital and important book that will help readers understand the underlying values that Sugihara lived by. Little is known about his upbringing and the true meaning of the code of Bushido, that he was instilled with that guided him throughout his life. Sugihara's story should be as well known as that of Oscar Schindler.
Dr. Walburga Von Hoffler-Engel, Vanderbilit University, Emerita

The gift provides fresh insights about Sugihara's biography and decisions that led to his heroic deeds. Akabori uses the metaphor of gifts and giving to frame the contributions of Chiune Sugihara. In writing this book, Akabori herself provides all of us with a special gift -- a glimmer of the humanity we hope exists in all of us.
David T. Takeuchi, PhD, Dept of Sociology and School of Social Work, Interim Director of Research Institute on Diversity, University of Washington

Richly detailed and full of compassion, "The Gift" uncovers how one man, through personal conviction and multicultural experience, can alter the course of history. His life challenges the rest of us to see each other as part of a larger family, not bound by nationality or religion. This memoir is a moving tribute to one man's ultimate decision to defy his government and obey his humanity. It is one that should be known and heeded by all.
Naomi Ishisaka, Editor in Chief, Colors NW Magazine

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