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With your support and generosity, Visas for Life Foundation can continue our important educational programs.

Our current presentations include lectures, films, the Sugihara family's photo collection, slide shows, and community forums. We have organized events throughout the United States and in other countries to disseminate our message.

Our ultimate goal is a permanent center to house photo exhibits and encourage an exchange of ideas to understand and appreciate different values and points of view. If you know of a city or agency that offers redevelopment or other space to non-profit organizations, please contact us.

Your support will also help us to promote, in schools, the value of acts of kindness and humanitarian intervention. We want students to remember Sugihara's legacy that life is one's most precious gift -- that everyone has the right to live with dignity and respect. His actions reaffirmed the fact that one man can make a difference.

Here are some of the ways that you can help:

  • Make donations to support the work of the Foundation and expand our programs.
  • Contribute services or in-kind donations -- for example:

    • Donate to fulfill our Wish List: office computer, printer, Web hosting fees, office supplies.
    • Provide consultant help to write grant proposals and develop student study guides to donate to schools.
    • Volunteer your time to assist with any of our projects.
    • Collaborate with VfLF to organize a photo exhibit or other event in your community. Please see our Activities and Resources page for examples of typical exhibits and events.
    • Donate prizes for student competitions, such as essay/art/oratorical contests.
  • Order our publications. Consider purchasing for schools, libraries, and organizations. Please see our Publications page for current offerings.

Your help in any way will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Anne Akabori, Foundation Chair, for more information.


NEW! Visas for Life Foundation, a non-profit organization under IRS Section501(c)(3), is pleased to announce that you can now make donations to the Foundation by credit card through PayPal.

You can pay online by credit or debit card, or an existing PayPal account. The payment process is safe and secure.

Visas for Life Foundation appreciates your support whether you make a donation online or through the mail! Your donation is tax deductible.

Anne Akabori, Chair · 1349 Gagle Way, Sacramento, CA 95831
916-428-7409 · fax 916-428-8884 · email

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