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Are you a Sugihara survivor or descendant of a survivor? The Foundation has a list of 2,139 visa recipients. However, some survivors who received Sugihara visas are not on this list.

Anyone who, during World War II, traveled with a visa from Europe to Japan via the Soviet Union may be a Sugihara survivor.

If you are, or may be, a Sugihara survivor, or a relative or friend of a survivor, please let us hear from you:  

Making Connections Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Sharing the stories of survivors can help to instill the values of humanitarianism for future generations. Visas for Life Foundation is committed to preserving this important part of history before the survivors are gone.

Our goal is to locate as many visa recipients and descendants as possible. We presently can account for approximately 200 survivors.

In compiling this data, we want to show just how much of a difference one man can make.

If you are a Sugihara survivor, descendant, or friend, please contact us. The success of this program depends on your participation.

As a non-profit organization under IRS Section501(c)(3), we also appreciate monetary contributions to maintain our program. Please see our We Welcome Your Help page for more information. To make a donation by credit card, please click the link below to go to PayPal, our secure payment processor.

Remember, you are the living legacy of Chiune Sugihara. It is only through your support and participation that this legacy can be kept alive and meaningful.


» Perla (Schor) Frankel's Remembrance
    Story and photos by a Sugihara survivor

Visas for Life Foundation also can serve as a repository to make individual connections among survivors, families, and friends.

Through our contacts and this Web site, we will try to help you make connections with fellow Sugihara survivors and their families.

If you are trying to locate a survivor, obtain more information about a survivor, or respond to an inquiry about a survivor, please contact Anne Akabori, VfLF Chair, at the address at the bottom of this page.

Please provide as much information as possible and include a photo, if available. Also, please include your statement authorizing VfLF to post your inquiry or information on this Web site.

All communications will flow through the Foundation, so your personal contact information will not be displayed on this Web site nor be released without your permission.

A complete list of the 2,139 Sugihara visa recipients is available for $16.00. Please see our Publications page to order.

Anne Akabori, Chair · 1349 Gagle Way, Sacramento, CA 95831
916-428-7409 · fax 916-428-8884 · email

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